What's included in the workshop fee?
The 3 day workshop content, your accommodation (two nights, shared with another attendee) and all inclusive food and refreshments. You will be fully taken care of during your time at the retreat. The fee does not include transportation/travel. 

How many attendees will there be at each event?
There's a max of 16 attendees. For the shooting portion of the workshop the groups will be split into two so there are only 8 people working within each photo demonstration. 

What level do I need to be at to attend this event?
To get the best out of Create Retreat we recommend that you have a basic camera knowledge (shutter speed/aperture/ISO and some lighting knowledge) and can navigate Photoshop confidently. If you are unsure whether you are experienced enough  to join feel free to email us. 

Is this retreat exclusively for fashion photographers? 
Whilst we are both experienced fashion photographers and it's the genre we have the most knowledge in, we feel that our techniques (posing guidance, lighting, retouching and marketing techniques) can be utilized in many genres of photography. Both of us have taught workshops for a number of years now and we regularly attract an audience of portrait and wedding photographers as well as budding fashion photographers. Trust us, you won't feel out of place. Create Retreat was created as a luxury getaway for all photographers who are looking for a healthy dose of inspiration and relaxation. 

What do I need to bring with me?
Yourself! Your camera, lenses (we recommend at least one prime lens, either 85mm or 50mm and a zoom lens like the 24-70mm) and all that goes with that - memory cards, batteries, battery charger. Please also bring your laptop, card reader and Wacom tablet (if you own one). You will not need a printed portfolio, this is prepared ahead of time and presented to the class on a keynote.
In regards to personal items - don't forget to pack layers (it gets chilly in the mountains at night), summer clothing for the day and toiletries.

Can I choose who I share my room with?
Yes, we will try and match up attendees closer to the schedule and we will send out a request form. If you are traveling with a friend/partner/spouse who is also attending we can give you can request to share the same room.

What is the image usage restrictions with the images I take?
No commercial usage, only personal use (social and online/print portfolio). All images taken at the workshop have to be credited wit the workshop credentials when shared on blogs, website and social media.

Can I film video at the retreat?
Unfortunately we don't allow any filming at the retreat. However, you are welcome to take as many behind the scenes images as you want, as long as you credit the retreat.

How do I pay the deposit and final installment?
You can pay the deposit/final installment using the 'Register' button in the Nav Bar. To secure your place on the workshop a 50% deposit must be made.

What happens if I can no longer attend the event?
The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.